Why choose Evernex?

A global partner who puts your business before theirs

  • Grow your core business Stop worrying about IT and start celebrating higher growth in your core business. Evernex provides industry-leading support at costs up to 70% lower, pulling profit throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • Transform your processes We stay on the cutting-edge of innovation to maximize your IT and demonstrate what you can achieve with one source for all your multi-vendor lifecycle management.
  • Protect the environment with green IT Our clients leave a lighter footprint on the planet with sustainable IT as our foundation. Say goodbye to unnecessary e-waste and ephemeral IT, say hello to long-lasting trusted systems.
  • Depend on us for business continuity Our knowledge is diverse so your systems meet the expectations of your staff and clients. Our 24/7 support and flexible SLAs can secure any multi-vendor infrastructure, no matter how unique.
  • Stay online anywhere, anytime We cover the distance so your IT goes further. Our truly global provision covers 165+ countries from 45 offices, deploying spare parts from 330+ locations and 500+ Technical Engineers worldwide.
Our brand expertise

Nearly 80% of data centers contain infrastructure from multiple vendors. Our cross-brand expertise allows us to service your entire range and unique combination of hardware, no fuss.

About Evernex

Evernex is the global IT Life Services provider with 37+ years’ experience in asset life extension and comprehensive multi-vendor data center maintenance.

We are the single point of contact adapting to the time, budget and geographic needs of our customers to maximize their hardware performance and return on investment.

We transform IT processes to prioritize business growth and continuity with innovative services that reduce our clients’ environmental impact and surpass their expectations.

Our global presence
  • 45+ Subsidiaries
  • 360,000+ Supported Systems
  • 165+ Countries
  • 330+ Forward Stocking Locations

Evernex is the market leader in third-party maintenance that is truly global. Operating in 165+ countries from 45 offices worldwide, we stay close to our customers to offer IT infrastructure maintenance coverage throughout Europe, North & South America, APAC, the Middle East and Africa – unmatched on sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Everyday, we ship one metric tonne of spare parts around the globe to maintain your data center operations at the highest level.

No location is too remote – so where’s your next challenge? Let us know and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

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