About Evernex

Ready for a fresh approach to maintaining and upgrading your installed base of servers, storage and networking equipment?

Evernex is a global, independent IT Life Services company with over 35 years of multi-vendor hardware experience. We offer end-to-end data center maintenance service that allows you to extend the life of your IT assets. With our innovative approach to service, we’ll help you change the way you manage your IT infrastructure. Evernex allows you to maintain your IT systems beyond standard OEM end-of-service dates – saving you both time and money.
IT infrastructure maintenance


We are driving innovation in third-party IT maintenance – promoting world-class, cost-effective replacement solutions that have a positive impact on our planet.
IT infrastructure maintenance


We are committed to offering seamless and flexible service to keep pace with your IT infrastructure maintenance needs worldwide. That’s what we call IT Life Services.
IT infrastructure maintenance


Our values are the driving force behind our commitment to all our stakeholders – our clients, our employees, our shareholders and society as a whole.


At Evernex, we’re all about action and we've built our success on common-sense – always taking a pragmatic approach to bringing IT Life Services to our customers wherever they operate.


We bring our can-do attitude to all our business relationships and build win-win solutions with our clients and partners rising to every challenge and offering dependable, cost-effective IT infrastructure maintenance service across the globe.


We are totally dedicated to our clients’ success and that means fostering close business relationships to better understand your needs – today and tomorrow.


We believe in a world beyond borders, especially when it comes to IT maintenance. Our cross-cultural approach helps promote greater team spirit, greater experience and better service worldwide.

Evernex at a Glance

  • Leader in third-party maintenance service

    Worldwide coverage
    • No. 1 multi-vendor hardware stock in Europe
    • 5,000 multi-sector international customers
    • 6000 active technical support contracts
    • 96% customer retention rate
  • In-depth knowledge of IT infrastructure maintenance

    IT infrastructure maintenance
    • 35 years of experience
    • 200k+ IT infrastructure systems maintained worldwide
    • 200+ highly specialized engineers
  • Third-party multi-vendor expertise

    multi-vendor expertise
    • 750,000 multi-vendor items in stock
    • 235,000 spare parts delivered each year
    • Dedicated teams with OEM expertise
  • Worldwide service & seamless logistics

    multi-vendor expertise
    • 160+ countries support by a network of engineers
    • 330 forward stocking locations worldwide
    • 10 global call centers available 24/7
    • Online experts for technical support
    • 4-hour service-level agreements

Global Footprint

Evernex has unmatched experience in spare parts logistics. We offer IT infrastructure maintenance coverage like you’ve never seen before – moving spare parts worldwide in record time. Every day, we ship one metric ton of spare parts across the globe to keep your data centers operating at the highest level. With 29 subsidiaries and our network of global partners and engineers, we help you handle all of your IT infrastructure maintenance needs. Today we support over 200k+ IT infrastructure systems in 160+ countries. And we have some 330 forward stocking locations worldwide. No location is too remote – so where’s your next challenge? Let us know and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. More Info


At Evernex, we speak your language and we make customer satisfaction a key priority. Our multilingual team of over 520+ employees worldwide hails from some 36 countries. With more than 200 highly skilled engineers, we have the know-how it takes to keep your data centers and IT equipment running at the highest level.

The Group

Evernex is proud to be part of the Carlyle Group. We’ve expanded significantly over the last 35 years and have enjoyed double-digit growth every year for the last three years. To keep pace with our clients’ IT infrastructure maintenance needs across the globe, we are currently opening two new subsidiaries every year. With our state-of-the-art spare data center parts facility in France and our 330 forward stocking locations worldwide, we offer seamless logistics so our clients always have the data center parts they need.
Carlyle Group

Executive Team

Alongside our majority shareholder the Carlyle Group, our managers are key shareholders driving growth for our business. Our employees hold 33% of our share capital and are resolutely focused on Evernex's long-term success.

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    Stanislas Pilot

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    Farid Seddar

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Fabrice Pouzaud

    President Evernex Capital Solutions
  • Stéphane Regenet

    General Secretary
  • Tony Senecal

    VP Sourcing, Supply Chain & Recycling
  • Alain de Thomasson

    VP Customer Operations
  • Jean-Baptiste Vandeginste

    Vice President Sales
  • Mohamed Bella

    Vice President Global Sales

Awards and certifications

Certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 Partner And Compliant To The WEEE Directive

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