Although you can use your hardware beyond its lifecycle with proper long term maintenance from Evernex, sometimes your technology and operational prerequisites might change and in order to keep updated with the change you might need to replace your outdated hardware with something that is more relevant to your business needs. According to the UN Environment Programme, over 90% of the old unused IT hardware was illegally dumped or traded in 2015. This kind of activity has a direct environmental and economic impact, that leads to data theft, IP rights infringement, and violations of data storage and disposal compliance regulations etc.

Here are some useful tips to ensure safe and secure IT hardware decommissioning:

Tip 1: Note Down the Entire Decommissioning Process

To avoid the occurrence of unwanted hazards during the IT hardware decommissioning process, Create a log book which contains information about the date on which the process has been done and the parts that are decommissioned. And also, add a checklist to check whether everything is done according to the WEEE regulations and policies.

Tip 2: Check the Identity of the Asset

Maintain an asset management system to check the identity of the asset and make sure that the equipment and user details are matched with the log book details.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget to the Backup

Before completely destroying a machine, we have to make sure that all the sensitive and proprietary information like bank details, and other sensitive information are backed up.

Tip 4: Disable User and Network Access

Before removing the outdated hardware from the network, make sure that all the user access are disabled with the Old ID’s, there is a threat of data theft with the Old employees and hackers.

Tip 5: Make Sure to Destroy the Asset Physically

To ensure the safety and security of your data, it is suggestible to destroy your hardware physically. There are companies that use industrial shredders and other crunching, smashing, and demolition machinery to completely destroy your machinery. Also, make sure that all the details are carefully logged and backed up and then destroyed completely to prevent the unwanted hazards.

Tip 6: Contact Evernex

We specialize in providing secure IT asset disposal services that can not just eliminate storage growth, cut costs and increase efficiency but also ensure regulatory obligations for data security.

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