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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Evernex, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the driving force behind everything we do.

Committed to Clients and the Environment

Our model is built on finding eco-friendly solutions for our clients worldwide so they can manage their data centers with the lowest environmental impact.

With Evernex, there’s no need to scrap IT assets after pre-determined end-of-service dates.

We work with you to extend the life of your servers, storage and networking hardware, so you can make CSR an integral part of your IT maintenance policy.

Did you know?

Manufacturing, using and taking your IT assets out of service have a big impact on the environment. Evernex offers several solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your IT assets:

  • Repairing

    • Increases the life of your IT assets
    • Eliminates waste
    • Means new equipment doesn’t have to be manufactured
  • Reusing

    • Gives a second life to IT assets that have been reconditioned
    • Makes it possible to find alternative ways to use IT assets (back-up, intranet, mail, etc.)
  • Recycling

    • Gives a second life to parts that can be repaired
    • Saves precious resources, such as metals that can be recovered

Focus on Certification

  • Evernex is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality IT maintenance service worldwide. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2013.

  • All our activities at our state-of-the-art spare data center parts facility in the Greater Paris Area are ISO 14001 certified. Evernex is also authorized to recycle IT hardware, and our clients receive an official certificate with each delivery showing that the parts have been recycled according to stringent EU regulations.

  • Ecovadis measures sustainability success. EcoVadis provides holistic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ratings service of companies and covers a broad range of non-financial management systems including Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impacts.

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Committed to our people

According to our last company survey conducted in 2017, some 97% of our employees worldwide are proud to be part of Evernex. Our Ethics Charter, which describes our mindset and values, is signed by all employees.

We are committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent across the globe. And that means providing our people with training opportunities to improve their skills and enhance our services. We also encourage international mobility to help our employees grow and build stronger ties among our various subsidiaries.

Evernex promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our multicultural teams come from some 36 countries and speak over 25 languages.

Committed to Society

At Evernex, we believe that being a responsible corporate citizen goes beyond the service we provide for our clients and the work environment we provide for our people.

Evernex is a key partner in a non-profit organization that helped build a primary and secondary school called Tanat in the Abalak department of Niger.

Evernex has provided financial assistance since the beginning of the project. Our employees also take an active role supporting the school – sponsoring students who otherwise would have no access to education, and covering their tuition fees.

Association Tanat

Sustainability at the Core
of the Company Strategy

Climate change, security, and inequality are among the critical challenges of our time. Evernex empowers our customers to grow their businesses and meet society’s need for sustainable solutions. We’re proud to run an environmentally responsible business which supports a better, greener way to consume technology. Explore our efforts to build a more equitable and durable future.

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Evernex contributes to sustainability and societal responsibility


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