Why dispose of your data with Evernex?

All hardware becomes unusable eventually. But with increasing reuse and recycling, organizations shouldn’t underestimate the importance of destroying data on decommissioned hardware.

Deleting data yourself or using erasure software can leave your data vulnerable to compromise. Professional data disposal is the only way to guarantee full and irretrievable data erasure, essential to protect your business, its corporate reputation, and ensure legal compliance.

Corporate data is under constant threat. But with regular updates and stringent protocols, Evernex provides the experience and expertise needed to protect your data, letting you give your old hardware a second life and improving your corporate sustainability.

Our secure data disposal process
Step: 1
Register your hardware

Create an Evernex account and input your hardware credentials (serial number, model, quantity) to your dedicated inventory.

Step: 2
We destroy your data on-site

Our trained and experienced specialists help you choose the best method for the secure destruction of your data. Wherever you’re located, choose from on-site and off-site services, including data wiping, degaussing, crushing and shredding. Our data destruction centers are fully CCTV-monitored for maximum security and accountability.

Step: 3
We repurpose reusable hardware

We reprocess all materials in an eco-friendly manner to maximize the re-use of all components. We use green solutions that guarantee zero landfill and zero incineration.

Step: 4
We provide confirmation & documentation

We send you the necessary documentation confirming that your data has been securely destroyed and your hardware has been recycled according to industry best practice.

We provide compliant procedures

Our secure data disposal protects your business and helps it comply with data legislation

  •    On-site destruction of drives in secured flight-cases
  •    Hard drive crushing
  •    Degaussing to destroy data and media with demagnetization of plates
  •    Patented SSD method to verifiably and permanently erase data from IT equipment
  •    Flexible local and remote service
  •    Globally certified
  •    Tamper-proof reporting


Enhanced sustainability

Maintain your competitive edge and conform with green regulations.

Peace of mind

Be certain your data on decommissioned assets is removed and irretrievable.

Adherence to legislation

Protect your stakeholders and ensure your business adheres to data protection laws.

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