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Hardware Removal & Relocation

Evernex ensures the relocation and the putting back into service of your IT infrastructure worldwide.

  • Strong experience in IT logistics
  • Teams available worldwide
  • Multi-Vendor technical expertise 24x7x365

Evernex provides worldwide distinguished relocation services

Although Evernex handles single IT asset moves, this service is not all we do, because we are much more than a hardware moving service. Evernex has a globally deployed infrastructure of full-time hardware field engineers, cross-trained on multiple platforms, offering its customers a wide range of skilled services in addition to its relocation and project management expertise.

You can rely on our highly qualified and seasoned experts to plan and execute every relocation project, since the depth of their expertise ensures every asset transition is handled perfectly, down to the smallest details.

Our team understands that every data center relocation is unique, so they can tailor an excellent relocation service according to the specific requirements of your company and your circumstances. Whether you are looking for local IT asset moves, basic pack-and-ship operations, full relocation planning, or project management, and execution - our competent experts have the most convenient solution for you.

  • Audit and analysis
  • Duplication and replication of equipment
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Uninstallation of your infrastructure
  • Packaging of your equipment for the transportation
  • Transportation and assurance
  • Restarting the whole system

What makes Evernex different?

  • Global service availability
  • Team of relocation experts with an average of 37+ years of experience
  • Independence from OEMs, maximizing capital expenditure reductions
  • Proprietary tools and methodologies

The advantage of having a company offering customized solutions to meet your needs, will allow you to focus on your requirements to develop your projects and grow your business, while making sure to receive high quality specific services for reasonable prices.