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IT Hardware & Software
Contract Cost Reduction

Evernex & Software Contact Solutions explore ways to optimize software purchases and
renewals and hardware maintenance contract spend.

Fundamental shifts in software purchases and renewals and data center hardware purchases and maintenance have produced significant obstacles for companies, both financially and logistically. Subscription-based software services have all but replaced the simplicity of perpetual licensing, and companies with investments in server, storage & network hardware deal with excessive recurring support costs.

In order to make an informed decision on how to stop wasting your IT budget on needlessly high maintenance and software costs, don’t miss our webinar in which two highly experienced industry executives discuss how companies in any industry can reduce their software and hardware maintenance spend.

The 30-minute expert-led webinar will provide:

  • How to navigate through software contracts to optimize pricing
  • Why understanding actual software product usage is critical at renewal time and prior to a vendor audit
  • Industry potential to reduce capital expense in data center hardware
  • Practical solutions for reducing server/storage/network maintenance costs
  • Q&A and follow-up


Mark Havens

Managing director, North America | Evernex

Expert Level Best Practices in Data Center Hardware Maintenance Services & Equipment Lifecycle

Joel Dupzyk

Principal & Senior Partner | Software Contract Solutions

20+ years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies reduce IT software licensing costs

Economic and environmental sustainability.
Stay evergreen with Evernex