We purchase your unwanted equipment to help fund your brand-new system

Many businesses leave untapped financial resources trapped in their unwanted or unused equipment. Instead of disposing of your assets, through our Buy-back service, we will purchase your old hardware to help you generate extra profit and improve your sustainability scores.

You can channel the financial gains into the purchase of your brand-new system, enabling your business to increase the ROI of its IT infrastructure while you upgrade. You’ll also be helping to preserve natural resources, as our multi-brand expertise and state-of-the-art facilities enable us to recondition functioning components to be used in other systems, and recycle unusable parts to return them to raw materials. Giving your assets a second life means you prevent the production of harmful e-waste and carbon emissions associated with the manufacture of new equipment.

Our end-to-end offering means we deal with every stage from the collection, transportation and reprocessing of your equipment to allow you to concentrate on your core business and finding the new system to power it.

Sell us your unused equipment from all leading brands

We buy used equipment from leading brands to allow your business to boost profits and contribute to a sustainable IT future. At our state-of-the-art facility in the Greater Paris Area, we salvage and recondition functional components to ensure no performant materials go to waste.


With Evernex Buy-back, we will purchase your unwanted or unusable servers to generate extra profit for your business. Using the capital to fund your new upgrade is not only more sustainable for your finances but trading in your hardware to be refurbished or recycled helps prevent unnecessary e-waste and depletion of reusable raw materials. We have all the expertise, experience, and facilities to fully refurbish or reprocess your hardware to give it a second life, from collection to resale. Your business can take green IT another step further by purchasing Evernex refurbished hardware for your upgrade: guaranteed on quality and performance, covered by our extended third-party maintenance warranty.

If you have storage assets you no longer want or use, Evernex’s Buy-back serviced allows you to gain funds that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Channel extra capital back into growing your core business, or use it to fund your upgrade to maximize your service provision. Now during component scarcity, there is no better time to trade in your assets so their functioning parts can be repurposed for use in other systems. As your global partner, we have the expertise, experience, and facilities to offer an end-to-end service, from the collection to the reconditioning of your hardware.


Selling Evernex your unused or unwanted networking hardware lets your business benefit from additional capital – and the innovation and development those extra funds can be channelled into. Trading in your hardware with Evernex also improves your sustainability scores and helps you preserve our planet’s natural resources by making the most of the equipment and components already within the system. As your global partner for IT Life Services, you can rely on Evernex to accompany your business at every step of the process, throughout the collection, reprocessing of useful components and recycling of unusable assets.

Turn your unused libraries into financial assets with Evernex Buy-back. We purchase unwanted equipment from all leading manufacturers to help you generate extra capital to fund your brand new system. Indemnifying your budget with our service, we also help you improve your sustainability, as we recondition usable components and recycle those without function at our state-of-the-art facility in the Greater Paris Area. As well as preventing unnecessary e-waste ending up in landfill, you can take your corporate sustainability one step further by upgrading with refurbished hardware when purchasing from Evernex.


Drive company development, or fund your upgrade, by selling your unwanted workstation assets to Evernex using our Buy-back service. From collection, all the way through to the reconditioning of functional components, we offer an end-to-end service so you can access extra capital currently caught up in your old equipment. As well as increasing your financial sustainability, you Evernex Buy-back allows your business to protect the environment by preventing unnecessary e-waste and repurposing your assets to be used in other systems.

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