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From Evernex, companies can obtain data center hardware that is fully reconditioned, tested and ready for deployment whenever you need to upgrade or replace. As a global vendor of multi-vendor hardware, we ensure the delivery of equipment in 165+ countries from our extensive local stocks.

Sourced locally and with refurbished assets, Evernex hardware helps you indemnify your business against resource scarcity and align with a greener digital world. Whether you need a single component or an entire infrastructure, our sales options are flexible and can be accompanied by maintenance and installation by our expert Technical Support Engineers.

Fulfil your IT hardware need while boosting your budget with quality-assured refurbished hardware.
We sell and support industry-leading equipment

From our worldwide stocks of over 850,000 items, companies can access fully tested and reconditioned data center hardware from all leading brands. All our hardware whether bought or rented comes covered by our extended third-party maintenance warranty to ensure you have the expert care you need, when and where you need it.

Escape product and component scarcity caused by the semiconductor shortage with full access to our stocks of data center hardware across all leading brands.


We sell servers and spare parts from all leading manufacturers. Rigorously tested, our refurbished hardware often surpasses the performance of new to enhance your productivity and reliability of service, while cutting your IT upgrade costs. All servers come with our extended third-party maintenance warranty, meaning you partner with a multi-vendor expert to support your hardware throughout its lifecycle. Hardware purchases can be accompanied by any of our professional or maintenance services to best fit your needs. Our global stocks also help you improve your sustainability, reducing the distance your hardware travels and the demand on the environment for the manufacture of new equipment.

From Evernex, companies can access storage assets and spare parts from all leading brands. Fully tested and reconditioned, our equipment is ensured to perform at the highest level, often beyond that of new. Our storage assets allow you to maximize your data center productivity and reduce downtime, while shrinking your IT upgrade costs. All storage assets are covered by our extended third-party maintenance warranty, meaning you can prevent service interruptions with an expert, global partner proven to maintain your entire infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. Your storage hardware purchase can be paired with any of our professional or maintenance services to best fit your IT requirements. With over 850,000 multi-brand items in stock in 330 locations worldwide, we reduce the distance your hardware has to travel, so that you can further contribute to a sustainable digital future.


Whatever your brand of networking assets, we sell entire fleets and spare parts from all leading manufacturers. Extensively tested and quality assured, our networking assets are proven to help extend the life of your existing system and increase your network at the most competitive cost. We offer our extended third-party maintenance warranty on all network purchases, indemnifying the performance of your multi-vendor system throughout its lifecycle, including post-warranty. Our global stocks also help you improve your sustainability, reducing the distance your hardware travels and the demand on finite natural resources for the manufacture of new equipment.

Our extensive stocks of libraries and spare parts, from SANs through tape drives, cover all leading manufacturers. Rigorously tested, your data center can enhance its productivity with our refurbished hardware at a fraction of the cost of new. Additionally, you can extend the lifecycle of your existing system and say goodbye to service interruptions as all library purchased come covered by our extended third-party maintenance warranty. You’ll also be helping to contribute to a sustainable digital future as we ship all our hardware purchase from the nearest of our 330+ forward stocking location worldwide; reducing emissions both needed to transport your equipment and those needed for the manufacture of new.


Whether you need to add or upgrade, your data center can immediately access to workstation equipment it needs from our extensive stocks of multi-brand equipment. Ensured by our teams of experts and testing, our refurbished hardware often surpasses the performance of new to enhance your productivity. Refurbished workstations will not only cut your IT budget on the sale price, but over the course of the lifecycle as all purchases come covered our extended third-party maintenance warranty. Whether you need relocation, installation or any other professional service, partner with Evernex to best fit your needs. We will ship from the most suitable of our 330+ worldwide stocking locations – helping you maximise the return on investment for both your company and the environment.

All our hardware comes covered by our extended Third-Party Maintenance warranty: a combination of quality-assured equipment ensured by expert technical care that’s proven to keep even post-warranty systems running at the highest level.

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