Comprehensive IT hardware solutions across server, storage, networking, and library equipment

Evernex offers end-to-end IT services. Across hardware provision, maintenance and disposal, we put you back in control of your IT asset lifecycle.

By choosing Evernex, you will gain the expertise of a partner with over 37 years’ experience in IT life services, to cut your Total Cost of Ownership while adding value to your core business.

Wherever you’re located, our local field teams and worldwide help centers provide flexible solutions to ensure you have the right hardware as and when you need it.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Cut IT hardware costs by up to 70% without sacrificing quality.

Green Hardware Refresh

Reduce fault rate and environmental impact with our refurbished hardware.

Longer Asset Lifespans

Extend the life of assets with Spare Parts as a Service™ (SPaaS™).

CapEx-light Capacity

Increase capacity on-demand with rental deferred payment equipment.

We build in sustainable processes to unlock the circular IT economy

We base our approach to hardware on a circular IT economy. To achieve long-term economic growth, we believe in preserving the planet’s finite resources and preventing unnecessary carbon emissions by focusing on using what we already have.

80% of equipment’s lifetime carbon emissions are produced during manufacture, so we provide services that span the entire asset lifecycle to prevent our clients purchasing new server, storage, library and networking assets. So far, Evernex services have prevented an estimated 90,000 tons of CO2 emissions from being produced by new equipment.

By incorporating reuse, repair and recycling wherever possible, we maximize the useful life of assets and components and preserve raw materials by retaining them in the system. This represents an estimated 390,000 tons of ore necessary for manufacture that have not been extracted.

Partnering with Evernex IT hardware services, your business can build in greener practices, so you play your part in protecting the planet while enhancing ROI, productivity and systems performance.

Grow your core business with a global partner you can trust to deliver

customer retention rate


multi-brand items in stock &


systems maintained


countries with local engineer field teams

Up to 70%

savings on your IT budget


worldwide stocking locations

We sell and support industry-leading equipment

We sell and rent refurbished equipment from leading brands, all covered by our extended third-party maintenance warranty

OFFERS 24 x 7 help desk access Problem analysis Diagnosis Provision of an action plan Spare parts On-site intervention Project reporting
Spare Management
Remote Support
Remote + Spare Support
Full Support
On-demand Support
Labor only
Diagnostic + Labor
Workshop repair
Why partner with Evernex hardware services?
Experienced in IT logistics

for safe removal and seamless installations

Cross-manufacturer expertise

for multi-vendor infrastructure

Customizable SLAs

for tailored support

Stable systems

and lower RMA rates compared to new

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