Professional IT services for the entire lifecycle of your data center

Evernex is an industry-leading trusted partner in fully comprehensive professional services that cater to all your data center requirements. Our services maximize the performance of your assets throughout the lifecycle, with green solutions that protect the environment, and help you deliver on your client outcomes.

We stay close to our customers in over 165+ countries to coordinate flexible and tailor-made services that truly answer their IT needs in line with time, budget and logistic constraints.

No task is too big or too small. We employ cross-industry experience with cutting edge expertise and training to optimize your processes and help you discover even greater value from your IT equipment.

IT Life Services for every stage of the hardware lifecycle

Maximize the environmental sustainability and economic growth of your business with a holistic approach to asset management

We offer the full-suite of services to cater to every stage of the hardware lifecycle, whether you require our assistance for hardware acquisition, operation, maintenance, moving, or disposal.

Managing your IT infrastructure holistically gives you the opportunity to optimize your IT spend, helping you to extend the life of your existing assets, move them safely and efficiently to where they need to be and increase your data center performance. It also enables you to reduce the environmental impact of your business by ensuring your data is disposed of securely so your hardware can live a second life as reconditioned equipment, or through the recycling of its components.

Purchase or Lease
Deploy & Install
Parts & Repair
Buy-back or Trade-in
Disposal or Recycle
We support industry-leading equipment

Access professional services for your entire data center infrastructure from our global team of multi-brand experts.

Save time, money and stress with professional IT services

Count on Evernex to support your IT needs throughout the data center lifecycle with services that are safe, secure and sustainable.

We understand that your data center is akin a functioning ecosystem – with inputs, outputs and all the stages in-between. To ensure its smooth and efficient operation, we provide services that span the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure, giving you the power to choose the best solution at the right time.

Whether you need ​to install, add, move or change your set-up, our priority is providing you fast and expert service at the most competitive cost. We also offer recycling and library repair services, so your business can improve its productivity and sustainability, as well as secure data disposal to ensure your critical information stays protected once your equipment has been decommissioned.

While our services are varied, our quality is not: we offer consistent, high standards of service backed up with industry awards and certifications, so you know we’ll provide the solution you need, when and where you need it.