Why repair your library with Evernex?

Library repair not only requires a unique set of skills, but a wealth of experience and state-of-the-art facilities to go with it. This is exactly what we offer at Evernex, with an expert in-house team that has over 30 years’ collective experience and our own custom-built repair center in the Greater Paris area using the latest LTO technology.

The only third-party maintenance (TPM) repair service for libraries and sub-assemblies

The only TPM to repair libraries and sub-assemblies, we have developed a sophisticated monitoring process for repairs, maintenance, and upgrades of readers and their component parts so you remain safe in the knowledge that Evernex’s tracking system will monitor the status of your backups.

Our teams work every year on over 1,000 libraries and backup drives including: DAT, AIT, SDLT, LTO, 4mm and 8mm 9X40.

With more than 10,000 multi-vendor tape drives in stock, we help companies maintain a huge range of state-of-the-art data storage devices globally, including key players such as: Compaq, Dell, Exabyte, Overland, Quantum, Tandberg, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, and many more.

Why partner with Evernex Library Repair?

Libraries and backup drives maintained every year


Multi-vendor tape drives in stock

6-month guarantee

On all repairs made in our center

What we offer

We’re so confident of the quality of our in-house repairs, we offer a 6-month guarantee.

All readers and libraries we provide:

  •    Are fully reconditioned and tested in our workshop
  •    Come with a test report
  •    Include a warranty for the entire asset

All our library repair services are offered with your business in mind. We’re flexible and can cater to every eventuality.

  •    Workshop repairs:fixed-price service based on listed products, free quotations on all other models
  •    Advance exchange (ADEX):we make sure you have a replacement part while yours is being repaired
  •    Standard exchange:we receive your faulty part and provide you with a functional one
  •    On-site maintenance:for fast fixes and other maintenance tasks

Library management is complex, so we offer the full service, simplifying processes across your multi-vendor library equipment with a Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

We also offer:

  •    On-site troubleshooting
  •    Fleet migration
  •    Recovery of old units
  •    Firmware updates
  •    Duplication
  •    Data conversion

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