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The Need for Safe and Secure IT Equipment Disposal

The Need for Safe and Secure IT Equipment Disposal

Every Company should ensure to dispose of their IT equipment safely, securely and responsibly. Here are a few reasons why companies need to follow a secure it equipment disposal methodology for their unwanted equipment.
As the technology is changing and advancing by the day, there is an increasing number of unwanted IT hardware piling up in our data centers. According to recent reports, about 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide each year. Ensuring the disposal of unwanted hardware in an environmentally responsible way should be a vital part of any company’s sustainable waste strategy.

1. There are government regulations like WEEE that are designed to deal with e-waste, ensuring that as much of IT hardware is recycled, refurbished and reused to avoid unnecessary landfills and e-waste dumping each year.
2. IT equipment contains hazardous chemicals, for example bulky IT equipment include dangerous chemicals and heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury, therefore dumping or disposing them illegally may harm both, the ground and the water.
3. About 80% of the energy used by IT equipment is consumed during their manufacture, so refurbishing and reusing old equipment significantly reduces their carbon footprint.
4. IT hardware contains components and materials of real value that can be recycled and reused. According to reports from the first-ever GeSI and StEP e-Waste Academy for policymakers and small businesses, co-organized in Accra, Ghana by the United Nations University and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)., electronic waste now contain precious metal “deposits” 40 to 50 times richer than ores mined from the ground. The re-use could save companies and government a fortune on goods if resold.
5. IT hardware used for enterprises has a MTBF Range of 18 to 33+ Years, Evernex through its quality testing procedure, ensures huge savings of 40%-80% on every refurbished hardware.

According to California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery the mantra to recycle e-waste is by “Reducing, Reusing & Recycling”.
• Reducing your generation of e-waste through smart procurement and good maintenance.
• Reusing electronic equipment which still function by donating or selling them to someone who can still use them.
• Recycling the products that cannot be repaired. Click to find an organization that will manage your electronics for recycling.

Please click on the links to know more about Recycling and Secure data disposal services from Evernex. You can reach us through the chat option to discuss this further with our WEEE certified experts.