Recycling provider with a real environmental commitment. Reuse all the components that can be reused.

  • 700

    tons of IT equipment recycled by Evernex
  • 95%

    computer wastes are recyclable at 95%
  • 80%

    of CO2 emissions generated by IT equipment is related to their manufacture

Evernex: 10 years of Expertise in WEEE recycling

Extending the life of your equipment by maintaining, reusing and recycling with Evernex is a direct carbon gain, and you can save up to 60% of CO2 emissions.
The main aim of Evernex’s hardware disposal services is to generate value from used IT equipment, creating a sustainable solution for the reuse of IT spare parts.

Our recycling process

We manage all aspects of hardware recycling, starting from the collection of unused IT equipment, their disassembly, secure data destruction and then the reuse of any reusable component after carrying out rigorous quality testing procedures.

IT hardware recycling is a complex job and can be strenuous for many IT companies. Therefore, Evernex proposes simple and secure IT hardware disposal services, by providing a complete offer that guarantees full tracking from the first use to the end of the life cycle:

  • Logistics, collection, disassembly, sorting
  • Follow up of technical & legal evolutions
  • Secure data disposal
  • Reprocessing & return to raw materials (for the component that cannot be reused)
  • Tracking & WEEE compliance regulations

A few reasons why you should collaborate with Evernex

  • Credibility

    Evernex has been in the business of recycling and data disposal since 1983
  • Maximizing ROI

    Evernex’s recycling activity ensures you make the most out of your unused hardware
  • Compliance

    A WEEE certified company, ensuring the abidance by the guidelines for recycling and data destruction
  • ISO certification

    ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company, ensuring the highest quality and best service to our clients

Our recycling process

For disposal of outdated IT assets such as servers, hard drives, storage, networking and other data center equipment, Evernex is providing a secure environment friendly data disposal service with a comprehensive solution for data security following all the International Security Standards.

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Awards and certifications

Certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 Partner And Compliant To The WEEE Directive

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