Evernex CARE is our intuitive portal that gives you access to service tickets and equipment details.

When there’s a problem, you need immediate access to the right information. With our dedicated customer portal, CARE, Evernex lets you monitor and manage your entire portfolio of assets, anytime and anywhere.

Whether you want to view service tickets in real time, track your SLA, or monitor all equipment under contract on your agreement, CARE’s intuitive interface and smart features give you better control of your time, budget and assets. We are adding new features and capabilities all the time as our goal is to provide you with the best experience and business outcomes while you manage your infrastructure throughout its lifecycle – regardless of where you are or the device you’re using.

For Evernex, embedding digital transformation in the way that we engage with IT life service customers means strengthening the backbone of our organization, and delivering a range of features and benefits through our new CARE portal

Service Tickets

  •    Place service tickets from any device.
  •    Track real-time service ticket status.
  •    Review all your service records by location or date.

Asset Management

  •    View all assets on your agreement.
  •    View SLAs by equipment.
  •    Track and review warranty coverage.
  •    Find important EOL & EOSL dates for your equipment.

Make your life easier and more efficient with Evernex CARE

We think CARE will empower our clients to solve their own issues, making IT issues faster and frictionless to resolve in the way that you’ve asked for – improving your satisfaction levels and strengthening our relationship.