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Secure Data Disposal

When companies buy and deploy new technologies, their new challenge is to dispose the old and outdated IT hardware. There are several complexities associated with this, as the companies cannot just throw away their old equipment as they like or pass them to the third party companies due to the associated data security, safety, confidentiality, compliance and environmental risks and policies with it. For disposal of outdated IT assets such as servers, hard drives, storage, networking and other data center equipment, Evernex is providing a secure environment friendly data disposal service with a comprehensive solution for data security following all the International Security Standards.

How it works?

  • Hardware registration

    You can register for a new account in Evernex and after the completion of registration, we will set an inventory to capture your outdated IT assets’ serial numbers, models and quantities.

  • On-site data destruction

    At Evernex we have well trained and experienced professionals, that can assist you in selecting the most secure and suitable method of destroying your data. We also offer on-site & off-site services such as: data wiping, degaussing, crushing and shredding.

  • Hardware recycling

    To guarantee zero landfill, zero incineration, Evernex utilizes recognized green solutions. We ensure that all the materials are processed in an eco-friendly manner to maximize the re-use of all the components.

  • Secure data disposal acknowledgement

    At the end of the process, Evernex’s team will provide full documentation, acknowledging that the Data was destroyed and/or your outdated IT assets were recycled according to the industry’s best practice.

  • Compliance and procedures

    Evernex is WEEE certified company and all the services are in accordance with security codes and standards set as per the WEEE directives.


  • Go green

    Your organization will be in line with the industry’s best practice and thus continue to have a competitive edge.

  • Secure Data

    At Evernex our main focus is to guarantee the security of your valuable data, during the data disposal at our place or on-site. Evernex’s data destruction centers are highly secure with a CCTV monitoring in place to keep a close watch on the process.

  • Premium Logistics

    To offer a premium data disposal service, Evernex provides all required resources like packing, collection, transportation, inventory and decommissioning on its own from the site or on site.

Physical destruction

Demagnetization or physical destruction of the plates

  • Onsite destruction or collection of the drives in secured flight-cases to be destroyed in our Lab by crushing hard drives to break the plates
  • Degaussing - destroying the stored information and the functionality of the media through significant magnetic charges

Certified erasure

Software solution with the patented capability to verifiably and permanently erase data

  • Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, servers and storage
  • Local and remote erasure
  • Patented SSD erasure method
  • Globally certified
  • Tamper-Proof reporting