Install, move, add and change with a trusted, global expert in IT Life Services

Installing, moving, adding, and changing IT hardware for businesses across all industries, our comprehensive IT lifecycle services cater to all data center IMAC. With cross-manufacturer expertise, we tailor our end-to-end services to any size and configuration of multi-vendor infrastructure, delivered in 165+ countries.

Whether you need to install a few additional components, or relocate an entire data center, our skilled professionals will accompany you at every stage of the process. Simplified with a single point of contact, Evernex’s industry-leading service will transform your standard processes. This gives you the opportunity to focus on the strategic needs of your business and better plan for future interventions.

There is no better time to partner with Evernex to maximize your performance and eco-scores with our sustainable IT practices using reuse, repair, recycling and professional data disposal.

Why choose Evernex data center IMAC?

We provide data center assets, and our Technical Engineers install them in your system.


We transport individual assets and entire data center infrastructures worldwide.


We help you acquire equipment and manage your contracts and licenses.


We ensure your systems are updated, maintained, repaired and configured properly.

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