Spare Parts as a Service, SPaaS, ensures your servers stay running 24/7

As a global expert in spare parts logistics, we’ve spent 37+ years reducing the risks of post-warranty assets and maximizing ROI for both our customer’s budgets and the environment. Our multi-brand expertise, available stocks and custom-built facilities will help you transform your hardware approach and reallocate your IT budget for critical initiatives that drive your core business. We provide truly global services around the clock, making sure we deliver to our clients so they can look after theirs.

Why partner with Evernex SPaaS?


Spare parts in stock


Global network of multi-vendor local field engineers


Help centers worldwide, available around the clock


Customer retention rate


Offices worldwide


Dedicated stocking locations worldwide

Ready to re-evaluate your IT strategy? Explore our customizable SLAs to free up your budget with Evernex Third-Party Maintenance.



Evernex offers reliable refurbished storage assets to ensure your data is secure at all times. Replacing or upgrading with our quality-assured hardware lets you trust in your existing infrastructure and avoid unnecessary upgrades.

Our cross-manufacturer expertise enables us to support any networking configuration. Our comprehensive services will ensure your systems maintain optimum performance with spare parts all covered by our post-warranty support.


Having an updated and fully supported library doesn’t have to cost a lot. Evernex will help you hit performance, economic and sustainability targets with our end-to-end library services, providing the hardware you need, when you need it.

Our extensive inventory of spare parts deployed from 330+ locations means we supply almost all workstation models globally. When faults arise, we ensure parts reach you in record time, protecting your business continuity as well as your budget.


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